Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long time, no post. During the last 2.5 months, our family has experienced the highest heights and the lowest lows. We believe we are approaching a middle state, and we seem to be breathing a tad easier now.

The Highs: We traveled to BeNeLux and France in April, and the three of us experienced the quintessential "Trip of a Lifetime!" We exchanged homes with a wonderful family in Gent, Belgium, and we were able to live as locals in their lovely home and city. We were welcomed by their friends and family, and we cherished every moment. We also traveled to meet other new friends in The Netherlands and Luxembourg, and we visited old friends who now live near Waterloo. Oh, and we saw some pretty amazing art, architecture and landscape during the 3-week trip.

The Lowest Low: Upon arriving in Paris the day before The Diva turned 5, we received a message that The Witty One's mother had taken a turn for the worse. (She was diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer on January 3.) We discussed the situation and decided that Grandma would want The Diva to enjoy her planned birthday in Paris, so The Witty One made arrangements to return to the U.S. the day after the celebration. The Witty One did make it to Oregon to spend a week with his mom before the cancer in her brain prevented her from knowing the family. She passed in mid-May, and we three returned to Oregon for the memorial service.

Grandma, you will be missed.


Tammy said...

Hi Deb, I found you as I was surfing the SOSKAL site. I am thinking about you guys!! Have you started your Fairgrounds sock? I haven't even started the first one, I have too many other projects going right now for socks.

Deb in Atlanta said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for the post! I haven't yet started the Fairgrounds Rock 'n Weave Socks, but I probably will wind my skein into a ball this week. I need to frog my second Cedar Creek Sock, too. You know, I really should add another post about all my socks! (That is the point, isn't it?!?)