Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Has it really been a month since my last post?


I had grand plans to post more frequently, and I fell down on the job. So sorry! During the past month, I have been busy knitting, interviewing, and, most importantly, being Mommie.

I had a ball with the STR Club yarn from May. I made the Rock and Weave Socks from the pattern in the kit, and I had enough yarn left over to make The Diva some snazzy mittens!

During the month, I joined the Summer of Stash (, and I promptly had to take an exception. Grrr... My DGM (a.k.a., Mamaw) asked for some black socks she can wear under her choir robe, and I discovered that I did not have appropriate yarn in my stash. I promptly scoured the Internet for some black yarn, and Judy at The Knitter ( came through for me. Thanks, Judy!

For Mamaw's black socks, I am knitting the Sheri's Lace Socks pattern designed by Sockbug ( The pattern in nice, but I deplore knitting with black yarn on small needles. Ugh! I can't see a thing! I've decided to knit these socks in daylight only until I am able to purchase a full-spectrum lamp.

On Sunday, I started a sock using the ever-popular Trekking XXL 100 colorway. I'm following the Ribbed Lace pattern (pp. 50 - 54) from Charlene Schurch's Senastional Knitted Socks book (, and I am liking them a lot. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I knit one simple anklet for The Diva using some Cascade Fixation in a mint colorway. I promise to post pics of these socks/SIP soon.

I have decided that it is time to find a full-time job. After all, The Diva starts Kindergarten in August! I have enjoyed the flexibility of the part-time gig I have had for the last few years, however I'm bored. It is time to stretch the brain again. During June, I began my search for an interesting position, and I uncovered a couple of interesting opportunities.

I am flying to NYC today to interview with a firm that wishes to expand its Atlanta office, and I hope that I will remember how to interview! It's been 6 years since my last round of proper interviews!!!!

Being Mommie
During the month of June, I was Mommie. The Diva and I spent 2 weeks at our cabin in North Georgia so that she could attend a drama camp. The Diva enrolled in the Summer Reading Program at the local library, and she promptly read (i.e., I read) 67 books in 2 weeks! Her goal is 100 books during the summer. I'll be amazed if she limits herself to 200 books!

(A minute passes.)

Oh gosh, The Diva just handed me a picture she cut, glued, and drew so that I could "remember what a good time we have had" during the summer. (How exactly did she know that I was writing about this very topic?!) She recommended that I take it with me to NYC. What a girl!

I hope that each of you is having a wonderful summer (or winter, if you are down under)!


Deb in Atlanta