Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Has it really been a month since my last post?


I had grand plans to post more frequently, and I fell down on the job. So sorry! During the past month, I have been busy knitting, interviewing, and, most importantly, being Mommie.

I had a ball with the STR Club yarn from May. I made the Rock and Weave Socks from the pattern in the kit, and I had enough yarn left over to make The Diva some snazzy mittens!

During the month, I joined the Summer of Stash (, and I promptly had to take an exception. Grrr... My DGM (a.k.a., Mamaw) asked for some black socks she can wear under her choir robe, and I discovered that I did not have appropriate yarn in my stash. I promptly scoured the Internet for some black yarn, and Judy at The Knitter ( came through for me. Thanks, Judy!

For Mamaw's black socks, I am knitting the Sheri's Lace Socks pattern designed by Sockbug ( The pattern in nice, but I deplore knitting with black yarn on small needles. Ugh! I can't see a thing! I've decided to knit these socks in daylight only until I am able to purchase a full-spectrum lamp.

On Sunday, I started a sock using the ever-popular Trekking XXL 100 colorway. I'm following the Ribbed Lace pattern (pp. 50 - 54) from Charlene Schurch's Senastional Knitted Socks book (, and I am liking them a lot. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I knit one simple anklet for The Diva using some Cascade Fixation in a mint colorway. I promise to post pics of these socks/SIP soon.

I have decided that it is time to find a full-time job. After all, The Diva starts Kindergarten in August! I have enjoyed the flexibility of the part-time gig I have had for the last few years, however I'm bored. It is time to stretch the brain again. During June, I began my search for an interesting position, and I uncovered a couple of interesting opportunities.

I am flying to NYC today to interview with a firm that wishes to expand its Atlanta office, and I hope that I will remember how to interview! It's been 6 years since my last round of proper interviews!!!!

Being Mommie
During the month of June, I was Mommie. The Diva and I spent 2 weeks at our cabin in North Georgia so that she could attend a drama camp. The Diva enrolled in the Summer Reading Program at the local library, and she promptly read (i.e., I read) 67 books in 2 weeks! Her goal is 100 books during the summer. I'll be amazed if she limits herself to 200 books!

(A minute passes.)

Oh gosh, The Diva just handed me a picture she cut, glued, and drew so that I could "remember what a good time we have had" during the summer. (How exactly did she know that I was writing about this very topic?!) She recommended that I take it with me to NYC. What a girl!

I hope that each of you is having a wonderful summer (or winter, if you are down under)!


Deb in Atlanta

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Tammy said...

Deb, lovely socks and mittens!! I've recently started (finally) my Cedar Creek socks, doing them on one circular/two at a time. It is taking me forever, but the only way for me to make changes if I do. Work interviews, good luck!! I can't imagine going through that again, but am sure that someday soon, when they youngest is closer to being done with school, I'll be doing the same thing. What can one do after 20+years of not working in the medical field and not keeping the education up? (Back to school is probably the correct answer, or maybe I'll learn to be a barrista,(right word?) Anyways, long winded here, good luck with the interview!!