Sunday, September 23, 2007

Harlot and Community

I went to hear the Yarn Harlot speak on Wednesday night, and I had a ball! Not only is she flippin' funny, I had a blast talking and meeting the other knitters there.

For those of you who know me well, it is not surprising that I would either see someone I know or meet someone who knows someone I know. Well, that happened in spades.

While waiting to enter the theater, I sat, listened to Stash and Burn on my iPod, sipped a latte, and knitted. A lady came in and looked as if she couldn't find her friends. Being me, I took off my headphones and offered her a seat at my two-person table. It turns out that she was (well, is) Whit Robbins, the founder of the Atlanta Knitting Guild. She and I had a lovely chat about knitting, and I encouraged her to sign up for Ravelry.

Whit introduced me to Elaine who sat on my right in the theater. Elaine and I struck up a conversation. She works at Georgia Tech in the Biology department, and her research is focused on this wonder cancer drug that they are trying to get through FDA approval. I told her that I was a graduate of Georgia Tech back in the day, and I learned that her daughter, who went to MIT, was good friends with a couple of my Chem E classmates at Tech! She knew all the scoop on these long lost buddies and brought me up to speed on their lives.

I didn't know the couple on my left, but they were really friendly. Wayne and Brittany were both wearing Knit Witch t-shirts to advertise Brittany's knitting and crochet resources website. Brittany exclaimed that I needed to check out the Weenie Warmer pattern she has on her site. (Warning! This pattern page is not suitable for work!) When I finally checked it out the next morning, I got to see way more of Wayne then I had seen (or wanted to see!) the night before. Furthermore, Brittany asked about the cute headscarf I was knitting for Grandogma, and I told her I'd found the pattern by Jennifer Fleur via Ravelry. Brittany not only knows Jen, but she pointed her out on the row behind us! I waved the scarf at Jen. Too funny.

The Yarn Harlot was as funny and delightful as you would expect. If you don't know about her, just know that she is wickedly insightful and funny.

After the speech, we waited our turn for the book signing. Crafty Kristin and I plopped ourselves down on the sofa at Knitch and knitted away. Another Kristin sat between us, and we chatted away with her and her two buddies. Time flew by! (Though I do believe Crafty Kristin and I were swooning from lack of dinner!!!)

We finally got our chance to meet the Harlot and get our books signed. The Harlot seemed impressed that I had purchased books to give as Christmas presents (spoiler alert!), and she said "Merry Christmas!" as I walked away.

I wish to thank Kim, her amazing staff at Knitch, the Yarn Harlot, and all of my new friends for creating a great event! I had a blast, and I want to go to Knitch for Sunday afternoon knit-ins now!

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Knit Witch said...

Glad to see you back to blogging! Yarn Harlot was fun, eh?? Hope the weenie warmer wasn't TOO shocking for ya. Glad you got to the site and looked around a bit. Speaking of GA Tech, you may know my neighbor who graduated from there several years back and is now a mechanical engineer. She is scary smart too!! :)