Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blank Canvas

I almost called this post "Leveling", however the Witty One believes "Blank Canvas" is a better choice. As you can see in the photos below, Mike-the-Wonder-Landscaper's talented team has provided a blank canvas from which we can paint the masterpiece which will become our garden.

Front Garden Canvas:

Back Garden Canvas:

In the next week, the irrigation contractor will install our inground sprinkler system. With xeriscaping as a goal, we had decided to install a drip irrigation system throughout. However, Mike advised us to use the inground system since he has experienced many, many, many challenges with drip irrigation systems clogging and malfunctioning. Apparently, the maintenance required to manage the drip irrigation system completely outweighs the advantages of such a system.

Once the irrigation system is in place, Mike and his Wonder Team will install some plants. Since we are entering the hottest time of the year in Atlanta, we will delay many of the plantings until after the heat wave breaks.

In other news, the Witty One and I will be joining the Diva's Fairy Godfathers on an Alaskan cruise in August. This Georgia girl has an odd affinity for all things Pacific Northwest (hence the reason I married an Oregon boy?), so I'm absolutely giddy at the prospect of experiencing a teeny-tiny bit of Alaska. If you have recommendations on sites to see or yarn shops to browse, please leave a comment.

Until next time, Happy Weekend!

Deb in Atlanta

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Debbie D said...

I love your patio!